Tax deferment

Tax deferment,

Definition of Tax deferment:

  1. Land committed to agricultural, horticultural or historical use purposes are eligible for a use value assessment which entails a deferment of taxes on income generated from the use.

  2. The action or fact of putting something off to a later time; postponement.

  3. Under current tax law, active military service members are allowed to defer the payment of state or federal income taxes in cases where the continuing military obligations impede their ability to pay the taxes.

Synonyms of Tax deferment

Postponement, Deferral, Suspension, Putting back, Putting off, Adjournment, Delay, Shelving, Rescheduling, Interruption, Arrest, Pause

How to use Tax deferment in a sentence?

  1. Deferment of the decision.

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