Tax Agent

Tax Agent,

Tax Agent Definition:

  1. Definition of Tax Agent: A term that refers to a tax advisor who helps taxpayers meet their legal obligations.

  2. Definition of Tax Agent: The tax agent or tax advisor prepares and files tax returns on behalf of the taxpayer.

Literal Meanings of Tax Agent


Meanings of Tax:
  1. Tax (on something else)

  2. High demands (power or resources)

  3. Confront a crime or offense (from someone).

  4. Search and rate (file rate)

  5. Mandatory government income tax, which is levied by the government on employees' income and company profits, or is included in the price of certain goods, services and transactions.

  6. One type or more demand.

Sentences of Tax
  1. Hardware and software are taxed at 7.5%

  2. He knew that the next test would test his full strength.

  3. Why are you blaming me for these baseless allegations?

  4. Government employees who collect expenditure accounts

  5. Higher taxes will reduce consumer spending

  6. Readers' attention more

Synonyms of Tax

load, impose a toll on, accuse, pressure, burden, strain, impost, contribution, drain, exact a tax on, censure, levy a tax on, weigh down, blame, imposition, weight, stretch, condemn, demand a tax on, excise, charge duty on, duty, stress, put a strain on, levy, tribute


Meanings of Agent:
  1. A person who works on behalf of another person or group.

  2. Someone or something that plays an active role or has a special effect.

Sentences of Agent
  1. In case of illness, your nephew can act as a legal representative with unlimited powers.

  2. Universities are generally liberal communities that often see themselves as agents of social change.

Synonyms of Agent

liaison, mouthpiece, surrogate, vehicle, go-between, factor, representative, trustee, emissary, spokesperson, business manager, delegate, negotiator, means, broker, spokeswoman, spokesman, envoy, instrument, frontman