Tax abatement

Tax abatement,

Definition of Tax abatement:

  1. Reduction of or exemption from taxes granted by a government for a specified period, usually to encourage certain activities such as investment in capital equipment. A tax incentive is a form of tax abatement.

  2. The action of abating or being abated; ending or subsiding.

Synonyms of Tax abatement

Subsiding, Dying away, Dying down, Dying out, Dropping away, Dropping off, Lessening, Easing, Easing off, Decrease, Diminishing, Moderation, Decline, Declining, Fade, Dwindling, Cooling off, Tailing off, Petering out, Tapering off, Wane, Waning, Ebb, Relenting, Desisting, Weakening

How to use Tax abatement in a sentence?

  1. This trend shows no sign of abatement.
  2. We were glad to be granted tax abatement , which meant we would have some time to invest without the burden of a tax on our heads.
  3. You may want to apply for a tax abatement if you think that you are deserving of it and want to save some money.

Meaning of Tax abatement & Tax abatement Definition