Tatuagem Arlequina

Tatuagem Arlequina

What does a Harlequin tattoo mean?

Simple, Batman's Enemy, BJS.

Although many people do it because they like it in their world, and the Joker is a symbol of the killers of police officers. Many who are already or not and already have a page for this crime and come from criminal factions and yes in the middle is known to do these tattoos as a symbol of courage, the position of the knife in the faction in the criminal ۔

Soil; but the clown's wife means attractive action :)

Tatuagem Arlequina

Tatuagem Arlequina

I don't think why Al-Rakin and Joker mean police killers? Or bully, what is exported © o bully he won't, it's not in any way © © a speculation that it shouldn't exist, but just a tattoo where many faces pay them like bullies Yes, but in reality it does not happen !!!

Police murder

It's a super villa.

This is for Harlequin from Arkham City, such as her only tattoo or rose red and black (pea like its uniform grain) and waist tattoo on the sides of the skeleton and with no straight side image or wild card Some pink roses, for the stars or for love and devotion or on which they sit. ASP has helped.

City thugs

Harlequin (Harley Quinn, verbally), whose real name is le © Harleen Frances Quinzel, © © is an imaginary character, the enemy of Batman in the DC world. Bad Golden Age, Earl (Duel Dent), Enemy and more and wife Green Lantern (Alan Scott) should not be punished.

Her name is based on No Without Arle and the Joker is thought to have suggested her name, Harleen Quinzel, as a punishment. It does not announce the Love Graphic novel of Love, which was picked up by Paul Danny and Bruce Tim in 1994 (then adapted for Anya's series The New Adventures of Batman [1] in 1999), called Mailer History. Eisner Prize for The same year. [1] The story, which Iman has published twice, was first published in issue 2 of TV's Batman A. Dyson Magazine in 1995 by Abril Jovim. In 2002, Iman was republished by Opera Graphica in 16 x 23 cm and NCO format. [3]

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Tatuagem Arlequina