Tattoo School Houston

Tattoo School Houston

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Well, I was wondering where I could get a tattoo school because I want to be a tattoo artist and I'm 17 years old. Can anyone help me?

To become a tattoo artist, you need to study

You don't go to school to become a tattoo artist.

This is art. No one can do that.

I will talk to your local SP in the area to see if you can get some training from them.

I'm sure you can change that first. Especially if you have no experience. Most tattoo artists learn on their own. They buy tattoos and ink ... use sterile needles and exercise with their friends.

I never went to the spa to get a tattoo. I have a talented friend who makes all my tattoos. They are very detailed and I always get compliments from them.

If you like art, I would invest in tattoos. After all, you need it for your learning.

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As far as I know, there is no such thing as a fat tattoo artist. If you want to learn how to make tattoos, you need to learn from an established tattoo artist. He or she will teach you how to do it (usually involves doing homework and looking after work for a while and overall, it takes 12 years for a client to get a tattoo).

No school fees. You have to do an internship at a tattoo parlor and then move on.

Tattoo School Houston