Definition of Task:

  1. The smallest identifiable and essential piece of a job that serves as a unit of work, and as a means of differentiating between the various components of a project.

  2. A piece of work to be done or undertaken.

  3. Assign a piece of work to.

Synonyms of Task

Job, Duty, Chore, Charge, Labour, Piece of work, Piece of business, Assignment, Function, Commission, Mission, Engagement, Occupation, Undertaking, Exercise, Business, Responsibility, Errand, Detail, Endeavour, Enterprise, Venture, Quest, Problem, Burden, Accuse, Affair, Agency, Agentship, Allege, Arraign, Article, Assignment, Attempt, Authority, Authorization, Blame, Book, Bother, Brevet, Bring accusation, Bring charges, Bring to book, Burden, Burden with, Business, Busy, Busywork, Call to account, Calling, Care, Cargo, Censure, Chalk talk, Chare, Charge, Chide, Chore, Cite, Commission, Commissioning, Commitment, Complain, Consignment, Contract, Criticize, Cure, Deadweight, Deal, Delegated authority, Delegation, Demand, Denounce, Denunciate, Deputation, Devoir, Devolution, Devolvement, Dirty work, Discourse, Disquisition, Donkeywork, Drive, Drudgery, Duty, Effort, Embassy, Employment, Empowerment, Encumber, Engagement, Enjoin, Enterprise, Entrusting, Entrustment, Errand, Exact, Executorship, Exequatur, Exercise, Exposition, Factorship, Fag, Fasten on, Fasten upon, Fatigue, Finger, Fish to fry, Freight, Freight with, Full power, Function, Grind, Handiwork, Handwork, Hang something on, Harangue, Headache, Homework, Homily, Impeach, Imply, Impose, Impose on, Impose upon, Impute, Indict, Industry, Inflict on, Inflict upon, Inform against, Inform on, Insinuate, Instruction, Job, Job of work, Jurisdiction, Keep busy, Labor, Lade, Lay, Lay charges, Lay on, Lecture, Lecture-demonstration, Legation, Lesson, Levy, License, Lick, Lick of work, Lieutenancy, Load, Lodge a complaint, Lodge a plaint, Lumber, Make-work, Mandate, Manual labor, Matters in hand, Millstone, Mission, Moil, Moral, Moral lesson, Morality, Moralization, Nuisance, Object lesson, Obligation, Occupation, Odd job, Office, Onus, Operation, Oppress, Overdrive, Overtask, Overtax, Overwork, Pain, Piece of work, Pin on, Place, Plan, Plenipotentiary power, Power of attorney, Power to act, Preachment, Prefer charges, Press charges, Procuration, Program, Project, Proposition, Province, Proxy, Purview, Put, Put down, Put on, Put on report, Put upon, Rat race, Rebuke, Recital, Recitation, Recriminate, Regency, Regentship, Report, Reprehend, Reprimand, Reproach, Reprove, Responsibility, Saddle, Saddle with, Scold, Scut work, Sermon, Service, Set, Set task, Skull session, Slavery, Spadework, Stint, Strain, Stroke, Stroke of work, Struggle, Subject to, Sweat, Take to task, Talk, Taunt with, Tax, Teaching, Things to do, Tiresome work, Toil, Travail, Treadmill, Trouble, Trust, Trusteeship, Twit, Undertaking, Upbraid, Venture, Vicarious authority, Vocation, Warrant, Weigh, Weight, Weight down with, Work, Yoke with

How to use Task in a sentence?

  1. Being able to delegate a task to the right person is a very important job that any manager must master.
  2. You are not afraid of taking on difficult tasks or ventures that call for skillful manoeuvres.
  3. Barbaras annoyance with her hapless boss continued to grow and she angrily, silently resented every single task she was given.
  4. Being able to delegate the right task to the right worker is an essential part of being a great manager.
  5. NATO troops are tasked with separating the warring parties.

Meaning of Task & Task Definition

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