Task force

Task force,

Definition of Task force:

  1. Temporary group of people formed to carry out a specific mission or project, or to solve a problem that requires a multi-disciplinary approach.

  2. An armed force organized for a special operation.

Synonyms of Task force

KP, Naval Construction Battalion, RN, Royal Navy, Seabees, USN, United States Navy, Argosy, Armada, Army, Army group, Battalion, Battery, Battle group, Brigade, Cadre, Coast guard, Cohort, Column, Combat command, Combat team, Company, Corps, Detachment, Detail, Division, Escadrille, Field army, Field train, File, Fleet, Flotilla, Flying column, Garrison, Kitchen police, Legion, Maniple, Marine, Merchant fleet, Merchant marine, Merchant navy, Mosquito fleet, Naval forces, Naval militia, Naval reserve, Navy, Organization, Outfit, Phalanx, Platoon, Posse, Rank, Regiment, Section, Squad, Squadron, Tactical unit, Task group, Train, Troop, Unit, Wing, Patrolman, Patrolwoman, Sentinel, Sentry, Garrison, Defender

How to use Task force in a sentence?

  1. The task force issued an ultimatum so we had no choice but to comply, fortunately it was reasonable and expected.
  2. The task force continues to find more munitions in the area.
  3. Sometimes if you feel you arent doing well enough on a project you may need to assign a special task force to it.
  4. I was put on the task force that was in charge of sales and it made me happy because I really liked that department a lot.

Meaning of Task force & Task force Definition