Target Reed Diffuser

Target Reed Diffuser

Have you opened Target Ad Diffuser?

I actually opened one 2 hours ago. I took off the plastic cap, just squeezed and twisted.

However, note that there is a clear plastic cap under the fit on the GL. I tried my hands and tweezers for a while and couldn't take off the plastic cap. I stopped trying to use the lid (a kind of pickle) and the jar broke in my hand. I cut my finger a lot and need a hairdryer.

The instructions for opening this duct are time bound, they don't even mention the plastic cover under the hard outer structure, there is very little way to remove it. The scent of rebellion is very pleasant, it is not found in blood.

I'm playing box because it's all happening and I couldn't find the right match. Does anyone know the end of this web? I want to send you an email to let you know that it's not the safest way to open it.

Red spread bottle

To open the target van diffuser sold by Alumin w: Bottle opener is required to remove the small rubber stopper. Alumni must include these instructions on these packaging to avoid consumer frustration and injury.

Angels, thank you! The bottle opener works great on my cork screw.

I used the power opener, now I can't get it out of the opener!

I use a bottle opener. Works like clockwork!

Target Reed Diffuser