Target Coffee Pots

Target Coffee Pots

Can I return the open coffee maker to its destination? ۔

I just bought a coffee machine, opened the box and used it. Now that I've used it, it's not working as well as I would like. Can I still return it? (I have all the packaging, but nothing)

I read Target Store's return policy and I don't think they mentioned anything else. However, it is claimed that other restrictions apply.

Does anyone know if I can bring it back? Thank you very much!

Yes, do you have a receipt? Just take this and your luggage to the service desk and they will be happy to help. Bring all packaging (which only helps).

If there is no reception, the destination suggests accepting acceptance. If you have not paid in cash, we may see your receipt. All we need is your card (date / credit) or your check. If you pay by check, you will have to wait 7 days for cash back. Otherwise, you will receive the gift certificate after 7 days.

I think it helps :) Great!

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