Definition of Tare:

  1. (in biblical use) an injurious weed resembling wheat when young (Matt. 13:24–30).

  2. A vetch, especially the common vetch.

  3. Deduction from the gross weight of a containerized or packaged item to estimate the weight of container and/or packaging material.

Synonyms of Tare

Abatement, Agio, Allowance, Bank discount, Bones, Breakage, Cash discount, Chaff, Chain discount, Charge-off, Concession, Culm, Cut, Deadwood, Deduction, Depreciation, Discount, Dishwater, Draff, Drawback, Dregs, Dust, Filings, Garbage, Gash, Hogwash, Husks, Kickback, Leavings, Lees, Offal, Offscourings, Orts, Parings, Penalty, Penalty clause, Percentage, Potsherds, Premium, Price reduction, Price-cut, Rags, Raspings, Rebate, Rebatement, Reduction, Refund, Refuse, Rollback, Salvage, Scourings, Scrap iron, Scraps, Scum, Setoff, Shards, Shavings, Slack, Slag, Slop, Slops, Stubble, Sweepings, Swill, Tares, Time discount, Trade discount, Tret, Underselling, Wastage, Waste, Waste matter, Wastepaper, Weeds, Write-off

How to use Tare in a sentence?

  1. Good soil is made by plenty of bulky waste organic material or growing winter tares or clover during a resting year.
  2. Some recover and go on to ‘produce a good crop,’ while others become weeds, or tares in Gods field, of whom Jesus Christ made a dire warning in another of His parables.

Meaning of Tare & Tare Definition