Taper Relief

Taper Relief,

Taper Relief Definition:

Meaning of Taper Relief: The purpose of the additional relief is to reduce the amount of tax you have to reduce the effects of inflation.

Literal Meanings of Taper Relief


Meanings of Taper:
  1. Shrink or reduce the thickness to one side.

  2. A bright candle.

  3. Shrink slowly

Sentences of Taper
  1. A round head was wiped

  2. Light a silver candle

  3. Current industry standard 5 degree cone

Synonyms of Taper

become narrow, thin, attenuate, become narrower, become thinner, thin out, wick, candle, come to a point, become thin, narrow, spill, night light


Meanings of Relief:
  1. Feeling comfortable after being free from anxiety or stress

  2. Help, especially in the form of food, clothing or money, is given to people with special needs or difficulties.

  3. A person or group of people who have replaced other people who have served.

  4. Circumstances that are clear or obvious should be emphasized in one way or another.

Sentences of Relief
  1. When he finished, he saw the door open

  2. Raise donations to fight hunger

  3. Late nurse

  4. The sunset highlights the snow-capped peaks

Synonyms of Relief

substitute, replacement, comfort, standby, ease, reassurance, calmness, aid, stopgap, succour, reserve, understudy, proxy, assistance, locum, sustenance, help, deputy, stand-in, supply, care, cover, solace, locum tenens, repose, fill-in, relaxation, consolation