Definition of Tangible:

  1. Perceptible by touch.

  2. A thing that is perceptible by touch.

  3. Having physical existence and/or form, or discernible through one or more senses.

Synonyms of Tangible

Touchable, Palpable, Tactile, Material, Physical, Real, Substantial, Corporeal, Solid, Concrete, Actual, Apparent, Appreciable, Assessed valuation, Assets, Assets and liabilities, Atoms, Bodily, Circumstances, Clear, Clear as crystal, Concrete, Corporeal, Crystal-clear, Current assets, Deferred assets, Detectable, Discernible, Distinct, Embodied, Evident, Explicit, Express, Fabric, Fixed assets, Frozen assets, Funds, Gross, Indisputable, Indubitable, Intangible assets, Intangibles, Liquid assets, Manifest, Material, Material assets, Matter, Means, Medium, Net assets, Net worth, Noticeable, Objective, Observable, Obvious, Open-and-shut, Ostensive, Palpable, Patent, Perceivable, Perceptible, Perspicuous, Phenomenal, Physical, Plain, Plain as day, Ponderable, Quick assets, Real, Resources, Seeable, Self-evident, Self-explaining, Self-explanatory, Sensible, Solid, Somatic, Stock, Stock-in-trade, Stuff, Substance, Substantial, Substantive, Tactile, Tangible assets, Tangibles, To be seen, Touchable, Unmistakable, Visible, Wealth

How to use Tangible in a sentence?

  1. Many people find difficulty learning about abstract things like math or philosophy because the mind is more easily able to deal with things that are tangible .
  2. The atmosphere of neglect and abandonment was almost tangible.
  3. Sometimes, I feel lost in this computer age because everything seems so abstract. I want tangible friendships - not just friendships that I experience through Facebook photos and updates.
  4. Many people question the validity of religion and the concept of a god because there isnt any tangible evidence to support the claims.
  5. These are the only tangibles upon which an assessment can be made.

Meaning of Tangible & Tangible Definition