Tampons In The Freezer

Tampons In The Freezer

Frozen? 3

Is it safe to freeze during use? I like to do this in the summer when I'm out.

Will it be safe?

Have any of you done this?

Is it cold

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do not do it. This is very dangerous. Needless to say, the fibers freeze and no longer absorb what they need. Also, when heated, it melts, leaving the water dangerous because it contains bacteria and can cause all kinds of problems. I've never heard of it and when it comes to the feeling of freshness it will be simply irreparable. I can't imagine a green object stuck there. Please don't do that, I don't want to hurt you.

Interesting ... I'd rather freeze my eyeliner, oh! Your liner is very smooth, like a meme in your mouth. Obviously redness may pop in your mouth, but frozen cotton? I don't think that's a good idea. Instead, try eyeliner. Whatever it is, it will heat up in a few minutes.

I won't freeze it, but if you want it to stay cool, try adding some ice cubes and make sure you use a tampon to absorb the melt.

Frozen or not, you can't use it until your bait is gone ... so it won't help you much during the summer.

You should probably consider an A-shaped ice pack instead. :)

If it's really serious, they'll say it's not safe. no.

Hahahahahahahaha, my office mate saw me. Do you have to call Are you sweating Because for that you have to go OB / GYN.

Hello, never heard of it. This is madness.

No, it's not safe ... and I'll paint you. Obviously, it won't work or it won't work.

Tampons In The Freezer