Definition of Tampering:

  1. Machines or tools for compacting clay or ballast.

  2. Legal: Unlawful or improper alteration or tampering with documents or evidence, or tampering with or interacting with witnesses to influence your testimony.

  3. Interfering with (something) to cause harm or unauthorized changes.

  4. Quality control: Permanent adjustment of any process to meet the fluctuations in your production. If change is controlled by a stable system (and variations in all stable systems), manipulation always worsens the situation. Only system changes (without any ad hoc adjustments) can reduce deviations and improve quality. Moderation campaigns (trying to do better, but actually wasting your time) understand the system correctly and bid to do something to improve results without hurting the reverse process. There is a reason. Its manipulation and effects are caused by the use of a fireplace. Don't get me wrong.

Synonyms of Tampering

Fool about, Fiddle about, Play around, Toy, Fiddle around, Fiddle, Play about, Interfere, Tinker, Trifle, Meddle, Dabble, Monkey around, Fool around

How to use Tampering in a sentence?

  1. If he forged evidence, it was a crime and he could go to jail for more days.
  2. Someone broke my car's brakes.
  3. The accused is suspected of manipulating key witnesses in his own case to violate the integrity of the prosecution.
  4. You need to make sure that you are never charged with damages or that your reputation is completely destroyed.
  5. The hydraulic PTO shaft can accommodate hammers, ice rollers, drills and saws.

Meaning of Tampering & Tampering Definition