Tamanho Chapa Mdf

Tamanho Chapa Mdf

Dimensions like springs a c MDF? ۔


Duratex MDF © A medium-density threshold floor with pine deforestation that offers exceptional flexibility, intelligence and dimensional stability. A company that has three basic versions:

کارکردگی € Â Natural performance that allows the best refining of our painting process, coating with PVC or ERA panels, which can be stain or vein. It has a wide range of uses in civil construction or civil engineering in furniture, with an emphasis on cabinet doors, drawer fronts, table tops, molding and other uses.

efi BP © ac consists of a surface layer of efi, in one or two, with low-pressure melamine pieces, with a smooth or textured surface, with an embossed, monochromatic and unusual pattern. The possibility of using and smoothing the surface in different ways makes it suitable for use in the furniture industry.

EFF2 is made of EFF coated with AC cellulose film, a type of laminated finish with a smooth or textured surface with embossed glass patterns. It can be used in living rooms and bedrooms and allows to assemble recesses and lacquered or enameled surfaces.

Standard density or MDF with thicknesses 9, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25 and 30 mm, dimensions 1,830 x 2750 mm. To make it work, suggest or follow:

View and use

resh سال Annual development for machines, tools, cutting speed and threshing floor.

carb  Like hot carbide tools (VIDA) yes, but recommended for their durability.

Note: Bands and saws with excessive jamming cause severe adhesion.


It is important to use dirt. By the way, prà © ation, that is, the diameter should be the same thickness as the body of the parasite.

Length: 2 to 3 mm long or higher.

so Para Use hard threads and parasos with erba or special threads (Matto Fix Type, Matto). Don't use abominable skies, moles or anything that could cause scratches.

Question without measure.

nails  nails only use nails when used as an alternative to fastening or, in this case, in the form of a wedge.

Keep a distance of at least 25 mm from the end of the panel.

N € o Nail diameter should not exceed 2.2 mm (preferably striped nails)

€ suggests that the compression of the hair in the nail is three times less than the thickness of the C-fold

Use nails less than 15 mm thick.


Using the pneumatic grippers, hold the gripper at an angle, noting the thickness of C.


Prefer fluted dowel on well-anchored tail.

housing € o The diameter of the river for housing should be slightly larger so that manual space can be determined.

The length of the ک € long ■■■■■ §Ã £ or bucket should be from to mm mm.


th  As used for threshing floor: PVA (NEC tail), UF (cascade type) or contact tail.


€ € Any type: Edo, Malt, Mac and female.

 Leave a little slack to work.

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Almost all Ferragans are available because there is no usable market.

Od € dodiçÃs: c should be used as fixing on the face.

a € It requires a ration guide for one or two.

Follow up

€ MD Or MDF can be combined with threshing floor, PVC, plastic lamination and embossing

sides; leaf on both sides, with the same layer thickness.

Temperature, short press to equalize (Recommended for Eraline: press 3 to 6 kg per cm, temperature 70 to 100 C and speed 2 to 4 minutes)

€ کیونکہ Because the temperature does not avoid indoor space above 100 ° C c.

Ink, prices and paint.

Generally, paints and varnishes available in the market can not be used after finishing with MDF; always recommend to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

For ointment, it is recommended to use a system that allows us to apply it simultaneously as a filler (sealant). The final shade adjustment, obtained only by compromise, proves that the colors never fade. Water-based stains are not recommended, peas can cause stains, especially if applied directly or painted, or the use of paint will give bad results.

Type of treatment

€ € Storage: Or the material should be installed in a dry and ventilated place, protected from rain splashes, drips and excess moisture.

Applies: Unlike other barley sheets or MDF, it cannot be used where it is steel or straight with water or in very moist hearts.

Heat: Suitable for fireplaces, ovens and other heat sources (follow power tool manufacturer's recommendations).

Insect ■■■■■■: Due to its nature or MDF n ° or medium © a medium, it supports insect ■■■■■■. However, if used only completely, it can lead to this type of infection.

Cast Iron: How to make a MDF Duratex brochure.

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Tamanho Chapa Mdf