Definition of Taking:

  1. Acquisition or seizure of a private property by government, with or without just compensation to its owner.

Synonyms of Taking

Acceptable, Acceptance, Acquisition, Admission, Admittance, Adoption, Adorable, Agreeable, Alluring, Annexational, Appealing, Appetizing, Appropriation, Assumption, Attractive, Beguiling, Bewitching, Blandishing, Borrowed plumes, Cajoling, Captivating, Catching, Charismatic, Charming, Coaxing, Come-hither, Communicable, Compelling, Confiscatory, Contagious, Copying, Coquettish, Defloration, Deflowerment, Delightful, Deprivative, Derivation, Deriving, Desirable, Devirgination, Enchanting, Endemic, Engaging, Enravishing, Enthralling, Enticing, Entrancing, Enviable, Epidemial, Epidemic, Epiphytotic, Epizootic, Exciting, Exotic, Expropriatory, Exquisite, Fascinating, Fetching, Flirtatious, Getting, Glamorous, Heart-robbing, Hypnotic, Imitation, Infectious, Infective, Infringement, Inoculable, Interesting, Intriguing, Inviting, Irresistible, Likable, Lovable, Lovely, Luxurious, Mesmeric, Mocking, Mouth-watering, Pandemic, Pasticcio, Pastiche, Pestiferous, Pestilential, Piquant, Pirating, Plagiarism, Plagiary, Pleasing, Prepossessing, Privative, Provocative, Provoquant, Rape, Ravishing, Ravishment, Receipt, Receival, Receiving, Reception, Seducing, Seductive, Sensuous, Sexual assault, Sexual possession, Simulation, Siren, Sirenic, Spellbinding, Spellful, Sporadic, Spreading, Tantalizing, Teasing, Tempting, Thievish, Thrilling, Tickling, Titillating, Titillative, To be desired, Toothsome, Unobjectionable, Violation, Voluptuous, Winning, Winsome, Witching, Worth having, Zymotic

Meaning of Taking & Taking Definition