Takeover Panel

Takeover Panel,

Takeover Panel: What is the Meaning of Takeover Panel?

  1. Agencies have been set up in several countries to ensure that all commercial acquisitions comply with laws and regulations and that all shareholders are treated fairly and equitably.

Literal Meanings of Takeover Panel


Meanings of Takeover:
  1. The process of overcoming something, including acquiring a company through someone else.

Sentences of Takeover
  1. They are betting on the majority instead of gaining

Synonyms of Takeover

gaining of control, acquisition, buying, change of ownership, purchase


Meanings of Panel:
  1. Flat or curved components, usually rectangles, that are set or placed on the surface of a door, wall or ceiling.

  2. Flat line on which the device or control is held

  3. A small group of people who come together to discuss, research or decide on a particular topic, especially in the context of business or government.

  4. Cover with panels (wall or other surface).

Sentences of Panel
  1. A layer of insulating material must be placed between the panel and the wall

  2. We gathered a group of experts

  3. We make wall panels around the windows

Synonyms of Panel

council, leaf, jury, commission, pane, board, fascia, instrument panel, committee, lamina, dashboard, panel, advisory group, layer, group, body, sheet, slab, team, console