Take off

Take off,

Definition of Take off:

  1. (of an aircraft or bird) become airborne.

  2. Remove clothing from ones or anothers body.

  3. The estimate of materials needed to construct a building.

  4. Deduct part of an amount.

  5. Depart hastily.

  6. Choose to have a period away from work.

  7. Mimic someone humorously.

Synonyms of Take off

Deduct, Subtract, Take away, Remove, Remove, Doff, Divest oneself of, Shed, Strip off, Pull off, Peel off, Climb out of, Slip out of, Shrug off, Throw off, Cast off, Fling off, Fling aside, Discard, Mimic, Impersonate, Imitate, Ape, Parody, Mock, Caricature, Satirize, Burlesque, Lampoon, Ridicule, Become airborne, Leave the ground, Take to the air, Take wing, Run away, Run off, Flee, Abscond, Take flight, Decamp, Disappear, Leave, Go, Depart, Make off, Bolt, Make a break for it, Make a run for it, Take to ones heels, Beat a hasty retreat, Make a quick exit, Make ones getaway, Escape, Head for the hills, Abate, Abscind, Absquatulate, Act, Act a part, Act as, Act out, Advance, Allow, Ameliorate, Amend, Amputate, Annihilate, Ape, Aspire, Ban, Bar, Bate, Bear, Become airborne, Begin, Begone, Bereave of life, Blast away, Blast off, Bob, Burlesque, Carry away, Carry off, Cast off, Charge off, Chloroform, Claw skyward, Clear, Clear out, Clip, Come along, Come on, Commence, Copy, Copycat, Crop, Cull, Cut, Cut away, Cut down, Cut off, Cut out, Cut short, Decamp, Deduct, Depreciate, Deprive of life, Destroy, Detach, Develop, Discount, Disengage, Dispatch, Dispose of, Dive in, Do, Do away with, Do for, Do to death, Dock, Doff, Dog it, Douse, Down, Draw back, Drop, Eliminate, Enact, End, Enucleate, Eradicate, Except, Excise, Exclude, Execute, Exterminate, Extinguish, Extirpate, Fall to, Finish, Finish off, Float, Fly, Fly aloft, Free, Gain, Gain altitude, Gain ground, Get ahead, Get along, Get rid of, Get to, Go ahead, Go forward, Graduate, Grow better, Hang, Head, Head into, Hightail, Hit off, Hit off on, Hover, Imitate, Immolate, Impersonate, Improve, Isolate, Jump off, Kick back, Kick off, Kill, Kite, Knock off, Lam, Launch into eternity, Lay low, Leave the ground, Liberate, Light out, Liquidate, Look up, Loose, Loosen, Lop, Lynch, Make, Make allowance, Make away with, Make headway, Make off, Make progress, Make strides, Martyr, Martyrize, Masquerade as, Meliorate, Mend, Mime, Mimic, Mock, Mutilate, Nip, Pantomime, Pare, Parody, Parrot, Pass for, Peel, Perform, Perk up, Personate, Pick out, Pick up, Pitch in, Plane, Play, Play a part, Plunge into, Poise, Poison, Pose as, Powder, Pretend to be, Progress, Prune, Purge, Put away, Put down, Put off, Put paid to, Put to death, Put to sleep, Rebate, Reduce, Refund, Release, Remove, Remove from life, Root out, Rotate, Rule out, Sacrifice, Scrag, Scram, Send off, Set about, Set apart, Set aside, Set in, Set out, Set sail, Set to, Shape up, Shave, Shear, Show improvement, Skedaddle, Skip, Skip out, Skyrocket, Slaughter, Slay, Slip out of, Soar, Spire, Split, Stamp out, Start, Start in, Start off, Start out, Starve, Step out of, Strike, Strike off, Strip, Strip off, Subtract, Take, Take a powder, Take a premium, Take away, Take life, Take off on, Take out, Taxi, Throw off, To, Travesty, Truncate, Turn to, Unbar, Unbind, Unbolt, Unbuckle, Unbutton, Unchain, Unclasp, Undo, Unfasten, Unfetter, Unglue, Unlace, Unlatch, Unleash, Unlock, Unloose, Unloosen, Unstick, Unstrap, Untie, Unwrap, Vamoose, Weigh anchor, Wipe out, Withdraw, Write off, Zoom

How to use Take off in a sentence?

  1. The officer took off after his men.
  2. The plane took off from the runway.

Meaning of Take off & Take off Definition