Take home pay

Take home pay,

Definition of Take home pay:

  1. Portion of a salary or wages that an employee actually gets (takes home) after paying all deductions and taxes.

How to use Take home pay in a sentence?

  1. I received a gratuitous TAKE HOME PAY this month, because my boss added in a few extra hours to my pay, so my salary, after taxes and other deductions were taken out, was higher than normal!.
  2. The take home pay was of the most concern to the working college graduate as they had many student loans to pay as well.
  3. You need to know what your take home pay when you get a new job so you can budget your expenses accordingly.

Meaning of Take home pay & Take home pay Definition

Take-Home Pay,

How To Define Take-Home Pay?

  1. Takeme's salary is the net amount of income after taxes, benefits and voluntary salary sharing. This income is the difference between minus all deductions. Deductions include state, state and local income tax, health and social security contributions, contributions to retirement accounts, and health, dental and other insurance premiums. Net pay or takeme payment is what the employee receives.

  2. The amount the employee receives after taxes, insurance, etc.

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