What Does Tailor-made Mean?

  • Definition of Tailor-made: Made for adaptation or specific or personal use

Literal Meanings of Tailor-made


Meanings of Tailor:
  1. A person whose job is to customize clothes such as suits, pants and jackets for individual customers.

  2. Another term for blue fish

  3. Do it for individual users (through tailors).

Sentences of Tailor
  1. Because they sell tailor-made suits and other fabrics, they simplify the production process to reduce basic costs.

  2. I hope we need good tailors and freshwater fish, maybe black fish, next week, because the season is about to begin.

  3. He was wearing a sports coat that looked like it was made in New York.

Synonyms of Tailor

garment-maker, fashion designer, outfitter, couturier, dressmaker


Meanings of Made:
  1. Past participle of past and present

  2. Produced or printed by a particular place or by a special process.

Sentences of Made
  1. Japanese camera