Definition of Tabular:

  1. A term that refers to anything derived from or having to do with a table. In insurance, a tabular cost is the cost of a claim according to the tables used by the insurer, for example, the mortality table.

  2. (of data) consisting of or presented in columns or tables.

  3. Broad and flat like the top of a table.

Synonyms of Tabular

Graphic, Graphical, Tabular, Pictorial, Delineative, Illustrative, Representational, Representative, Schematic, Assorted, Cataloged, Classified, Even, Filed, Flat, Flattened, Flush, Graded, Grouped, Hierarchic, Homaloidal, Horizontal, Indexed, Level, On file, Pigeonholed, Placed, Plain, Plane, Pyramidal, Ranked, Rated, Rolled, Smooth, Smoothed out, Smoothened, Sorted, Squashed, Squashed flat, Stratified, Tabloid, Trodden, Trodden flat

How to use Tabular in a sentence?

  1. A tabular presentation of running costs.
  2. A huge tabular iceberg.

Meaning of Tabular & Tabular Definition