Definition of Table:

  1. Present formally for discussion or consideration at a meeting.

  2. Postpone consideration of.

  3. A piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface on which objects may be placed, and that can be used for such purposes as eating, writing, working, or playing games.

  4. A flat, typically rectangular, vertical surface.

  5. A set of facts or figures systematically displayed, especially in columns.

  6. Orderly arrangement of quantitative data in columns and rows. Also called matrix.

Synonyms of Table

Domesday Book, Account, Account book, Address book, Adjourn, Adversaria, Album, Alkali flat, Alluvial plain, Ambo, Annals, Annual, Appointment calendar, Appointment schedule, Bar, Basin, Bench, Billiard table, Blankbook, Blotter, Blueprint, Board, Bottomland, Bowling green, Bread, Bread and butter, Bring forward, Bring up, Brouillon, Buffet, Bushveld, Calendar, Campo, Card index, Cartoon, Cashbook, Catalog, Catalogue, Catalogue raisonne, Census, Champaign, Champaign country, Chart, Cheer, Chronicle, Classified catalog, Coastal plain, Coat, Coating, Cocktail table, Code, Coffee table, Collop, Comestible, Comestibles, Commonplace book, Conference table, Console, Constitute, Contents, Continue, Copy, Correspondence, Counter, Court calendar, Covering, Creature comfort, Cuisine, Cut, Daily bread, Daybook, Dead flat, Dead level, Deal, Deal table, Decree, Defer, Delay, Delineation, Delta, Desert, Design, Desk, Desk calendar, Diagram, Diary, Digest, Diptych, Disk, Docket, Documentation, Down, Downs, Draft, Drag out, Drawing, Dresser, Dressing table, Drop-leaf table, Earth, Eatables, Ebauche, Edibles, Elevation, Enact, Enact laws, Engagement book, Entertainment, Escritoire, Esplanade, Esquisse, Extend, Fare, Fast food, Feast, Feed, Fell, Feuille, Figure, Filibuster, Film, Flap, Flat, Flat country, Flatland, Flats, Floor, Foil, Fold, Food, Food and drink, Foodstuff, Get the floor, Graph, Grass veld, Grassland, Ground, Ground plan, Hang fire, Hang up, Have the floor, Health food, Heath, History, Hold off, Hold over, Hold up, Homaloid, Horizontal, Horizontal axis, Horizontal fault, Horizontal line, Horizontal parallax, Horizontal plane, Horizontal projection, House plan, Ichnography, Index, Ingesta, Inventory, Itemization, Journal, Junk food, Kill, Kitchen stuff, Kitchen table, Laboratory table, Lamella, Lamina, Laminated glass, Laminated wood, Lampstand, Lande, Lap, Lay aside, Lay away, Lay by, Lay over, Leaf, Lectern, Ledge, Ledger, Legislate, Letters, Level, Level line, Level plane, List, Llano, Lobby through, Log, Logbook, Logroll, Loose-leaf notebook, Lowland, Lowlands, Lunar mare, Mahogany, Mare, Meal, Mean sea level, Meat, Membrane, Memo book, Memorandum book, Memorial, Memory book, Mesa, Mesilla, Mess, Moor, Moorland, Mothball, Notebook, Offer, Open country, Ordain, Outline, Pad, Pampa, Pampas, Pane, Panel, Parterre, Pass, Patina, Pattern, Peel, Pellicle, Peneplain, Petty cashbook, Pigeonhole, Pipe roll, Plain, Plains, Plait, Plan, Plane, Plank, Plate, Plateau, Platform, Plating, Playa, Plot, Ply, Plywood, Pocket, Pocket notebook, Pocketbook, Police blotter, Postpone, Prairie, Precis, Present, Proffer, Profile, Projection, Prolong, Propose, Prorogate, Prorogue, Protract, Provender, Provision, Provisions, Push aside, Put aside, Put away, Put in force, Put in mothballs, Put off, Put on ice, Put through, Railroad through, Rasher, Recess, Record, Recording, Refection, Refreshment, Regalement, Register, Registry, Relic, Remains, Repas, Repast, Reserve, Roll, Roll logs, Rolls, Roster, Rota, Rough, Round table, Safety glass, Salt flat, Salt marsh, Salt pan, Savanna, Schema, Scheme, Scrapbook, Scratch pad, Scroll, Scum, Sea level, Sea of grass, Sebkha, Secretaire, Secretary, Set aside, Set by, Sheet, Shelve, Shift off, Side table, Sideboard, Sideline, Skeleton, Sketch, Skin, Slab, Slat, Sleep on, Slice, Spiral notebook, Spread, Stand, Stand over, Stave off, Stay, Steppe, Store, Stow, Stretch out, Submit, Suspend, Sustenance, Table mountain, Table of contents, Table of organization, Table the motion, Tableland, Tablet, Taboret, Tabulation, Take a recess, Take the floor, Tea table, Tea wagon, Terrace, Thumb index, Token, Trace, Treat, Tree veld, Trestle table, Triptych, Tucker, Tundra, Turntable, Upland, Vega, Veld, Veneer, Vestige, Veto, Viands, Victuals, Vittles, Wafer, Waive, Water level, Weald, Wide-open spaces, Wold, Workbench, Workbook, Working drawing, Worktable, Writing table, Writing tablet, Yearbook, Yield the floor, Bench, Board, Work surface, Counter, Desk, Bar, Buffet, Stand, Workbench, Worktable, Top, Horizontal surface, Surface, List, Chart, Diagram, Figure, Graph, Plan, Postpone, Put off, Delay, Defer, Put back, Hold off, Hold over, Carry over, Reschedule, Do later, Shelve, Stand over, Pigeonhole, Hold in abeyance, Put in abeyance, Mothball, Submit, Put forward, Bring forward, Propose, Suggest, Move, Enter, Lodge, File, Introduce, Air, Moot, Lay

How to use Table in a sentence?

  1. When filing things on your computer the easiest way can be to use a table to keep all of your data in tact.
  2. When considering financial data at work, it is easy to understand how certain figures can have an effect on others when they are arranged in a table .
  3. When at a negotiation the person sitting at the head of the table has the most power and will control how things go.
  4. She put the plate on the table.
  5. An MP tabled an amendment to the bill.
  6. Id like the issue to be tabled for the next few months.
  7. The population has grown, as shown in table 1.

Meaning of Table & Table Definition