Table Shaving

Table Shaving,

Table Shaving: What is the Meaning of Table Shaving?

  • Table Shaving means: With information about insurance, a concept used by life insurance companies with direct underwriting and which allows to carry risk below standard as a standard risk. Table shaving is usually used only on durable products. Limit values ​​are based on age and quantity, and the types of disorders are limited. Insurance usually calculates rates for standard risk classes or uses the same rates for non-standard risk calculations.

Literal Meanings of Table Shaving


Meanings of Table:
  1. A flat top and one or more legged wardrobe that provides a flat surface on which items can be placed and used for eating, writing, working or playing.

  2. A series of facts or images that appear specifically in columns.

  3. Vertical flat surface, usually rectangular.

  4. Exam postponed.

  5. Attend the meeting formally for discussion or review.

Sentences of Table
  1. He placed the plate on the table

  2. As shown in Table 1, the population is growing

  3. I want problems in the coming months.

  4. The Member of Parliament introduced amendments to the Bill

Synonyms of Table

carry over, figure, lodge, horizontal surface, counter, do later, bench, propose, stand, submit, suggest, postpone, list, lay, hold off, defer, workbench, put forward, introduce, buffet, top, graph, work surface, hold over, put in abeyance


Meanings of Shaving:
  1. A thin strip cuts through the surface.

  2. Shaving act

Sentences of Shaving
  1. He tapped a piece of wood on his knee

  2. Shaving cream