What is The Definition of T-commerce?

  • Television business. Buy and sell products and services through interactive television.

Literal Meanings of T-commerce


Meanings of T:
  1. Length or metric ton.

  2. Teaspoon

  3. A number that typically characterizes the distribution of a sample of a distributed population.

  4. The twentieth letter of the alphabet.

  5. Its shape is like a big T.

  6. (In units of measure) Yours (10¹²)

  7. are you there.

  8. (From Sports Club) City.

  9. Spoon of soup

  10. temperature

  11. Tritium hydrogen isotopes.


Meanings of Commerce:
  1. Buying and selling activities are mainly on a large scale.

  2. Sex

Sentences of Commerce
  1. Rail trade is likely to grow

  2. Out of the ordinary business of civilized life

  3. At that time, it was customary in the city for any woman who did business with a man other than her husband to be considered an adulterer and to die as a result, as long as she was on the street. Don't be a woman

Synonyms of Commerce

sex act, trade, sexual intercourse, traffic, sexual relations, dealing, trading, making love, buying and selling, intercourse, trafficking, bargaining, lovemaking, business