Definition of T-1:

  1. A high-speed data transmission line.

  2. Trunk Line One. High-speed digital transmission line offering total data-carrying capacity (bandwidth) of 1.544 millions bits per second (Mbps) with 24 individual channels in the US and Japanese (J-1) versions, and 2.048 Mbps with 30 channels in the European (E-1) version. This medium-independent line can use ordinary (unshielded twisted pair) telephone lines, co-axial or fiber-optics cable, or radio (microwave) media. Each of its channels can be configured to carry uncompressed voice or compressed audio, video, or other data traffic, and can be leased separately.

How to use T-1 in a sentence?

  1. Residents can plug more than one computer into their T-1 line at a time.

Meaning of T-1 & T-1 Definition