Systems thinking (ST)

Systems thinking (ST),

Definition of Systems thinking (ST):

  1. Thinking processes that have a comprehensive view of complex events or phenomena and appear due to many isolated, independent and generally unexpected factors or forces. ST considers all events and phenomena as a set that interacts with the principles of the system in some basic models called the archeological system. These patterns are based on very different events and phenomena such as lack of exercise, the spread of infectious diseases and the development of personal relationships. TS contradicts analytical or mechanical thinking that all phenomena can be understood by reducing them to the final elements. It has been recognized that systems (organized sets) of soap bubbles from galaxies and ant colonies in the states can be better understood only if their integrity (identity and structural integrity) is maintained, which is the property. Allows reading. Court instead of property. Ingredients As a modeling language, ST defines reciprocal relationships (functional relationships) that cannot be adequately described by constructing a subject object in a natural language like English. As the first scientific discipline to TS, the Russian researcher A. Bogdanov (who called it Tectology) published his book The General Science of Organization in 1912: The Essay on Tactology and Its Modern Status Due to Biologist Ledwig van Bertalanfi Has given, which helped in 1954. Formation of the current general system of the Research Society. Formerly called Tactology. See also general system theory.

How to use Systems thinking (ST) in a sentence?

  1. We are taking a new approach that allows us to become objective and understand all the elements in the name of systemic thinking.
  2. We have an excellent system of system thinking in our business, which has given us the ideal power to solve our problems and concerns.
  3. You should always try to use a systemic approach when making important decisions.

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