Definition of Systemic:

  1. (of an insecticide, fungicide, or similar substance) entering the plant via the roots or shoots and passing through the tissues.

  2. Denoting the part of the circulatory system concerned with the transportation of oxygen to and carbon dioxide from the body in general, especially as distinct from the pulmonary part concerned with the transportation of oxygen from and carbon dioxide to the lungs.

  3. Relating to a system, especially as opposed to a particular part.

  4. System-wide: affecting or relating to a group or system (such as a body, economy, or market) as a whole, instead of its individual members or parts. Not to be confused with systematic which means methodical..

Synonyms of Systemic

Constructional, Organizational, Systemic, Constitutional, Configurational, Formational, Acaricide, Anthelmintic, Antibiotic, Antiseptic, Bug bomb, Carbamate insecticide, Chemosterilant, Chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticide, Contact poison, Defoliant, Disinfectant, Eradicant, Fumigant, Fungicide, Germicide, Herbicide, Insect powder, Insecticide, Microbicide, Miticide, Organic chlorine, Organic phosphate insecticide, Pesticide, Poison, Rat poison, Roach paste, Roach powder, Rodenticide, Stomach poison, Systemic insecticide, Toxic, Toxicant, Toxin, Venin, Venom, Vermicide, Virus, Weed killer

How to use Systemic in a sentence?

  1. The disease is localized rather than systemic.
  2. Racism is not an attitude that a few select people have without effecting society, but is a systemic problem that effects many areas of society.
  3. A single great artery leaves the heart and gives rise to the coronary, pulmonary, and systemic arterial circulation.
  4. Ebola attacks a persons body by causing a breakdown at the cellular level and leading to, in many cases, complete systemic failure.
  5. The doctor realized the patients problem was systemic and thus would effect his whole being rather than his left foot.
  6. Either contact or systemic insecticides will take care of these insects.

Meaning of Systemic & Systemic Definition