Definition of Systemic:

  1. (Pesticide, fungicide or similar substance) that enters plants through roots or twigs and passes through tissue.

  2. This refers to the part of the circulatory system that normally deals with the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide from the body, as opposed to the part of the lungs that deals with the transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide to the lungs.

  3. With regard to the system, especially in contrast to some parts.

  4. Entire system: Affects or affiliates the group or system (e.g., organization, economy or market) and not its individual members or segments. Don't get confused with organized, that is, method.

Synonyms of Systemic

Vermicide, Pesticide, Chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticide, Rat poison, Defoliant, Constructional, Organic chlorine, Constitutional, Anthelmintic, Acaricide, Systemic insecticide, Eradicant, Antibiotic, Insecticide, Organic phosphate insecticide, Systemic, Poison, Venin, Bug bomb, Herbicide, Weed killer, Stomach poison, Rodenticide, Germicide, Virus, Chemosterilant, Miticide, Disinfectant, Insect powder, Formational, Toxin, Fungicide, Toxic, Microbicide, Venom, Contact poison, Carbamate insecticide, Antiseptic, Configurational, Roach powder, Roach paste, Fumigant, Organizational, Toxicant

How to use Systemic in a sentence?

  1. The disease is local and not systemic.
  2. Racism is not an attitude without which many people are affecting society, but it is a systemic problem that affects many sectors of society.
  3. A large artery leaves the heart and provides circulation to the coronary, pulmonary, and systemic arteries.
  4. Ebola attacks a person's body, causing damage at the cellular level and, in most cases, complete failure.
  5. The doctor noticed that the patient's problem was systemic so his whole body would be affected, not his left leg.
  6. Contact or systemic pesticides treat these pests.

Meaning of Systemic & Systemic Definition