Systemic Discrimination

Systemic Discrimination,

Definition of Systemic Discrimination:

  • A form of discrimination against an employer by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleging that the employer has discriminated against more than 20 people. Of course, this claim is very costly to defend and resolve with the EEOC claim, and it is alleged that the employer discriminated against individual workers (or groups of less than 20 workers).

Literal Meanings of Systemic Discrimination


Meanings of Systemic:
  1. This refers to a specific system as opposed to a particular system.

  2. The part of the circulatory system that is normally responsible for carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide from the body, as opposed to the part of the lungs that is responsible for carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide to the lungs.

  3. (Pesticide, fungicide or similar) Insert plants through roots or twigs and into tissues.

Sentences of Systemic
  1. The disease is local rather than systemic.

  2. Except for one large artery, the heart produces coronary, pulmonary, and systemic arterial circulation.

  3. Contact or systemic pesticides treat these pests.

Synonyms of Systemic

constructional, systemic, configurational, organizational, constitutional, formational


Meanings of Discrimination:
  1. Treating different types of people unfairly or negatively, including on the basis of race, age, sex or disability.

  2. Recognize and understand the difference between one thing and another.

  3. With a discriminator who rejects unwanted gestures, choose a signal that has the necessary characteristics, such as frequency or amplitude.

Sentences of Discrimination
  1. Victims of racial discrimination

  2. The difference between good and bad

  3. The advantages of this technique over traditional single photon fluorescence are better contrast with low signal strength and low light energy.

Synonyms of Discrimination

favouritism, bias, unfairness, prejudice, one-sidedness, differentiation, distinction, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, inequity, bigotry, partisanship, telling the difference