Definition of Systematic:

  1. Done or acting according to a fixed plan or system; methodical.

  2. Marked by a methodical plan or procedure and repeatability. Not to be confused with systemic which means system wide..

Synonyms of Systematic

Accordant, Alike, Analytical, Arranged, Automatic, Balanced, Businesslike, Consistent, Consonant, Constant, Continuous, Correspondent, Equable, Equal, Even, Flat, Formal, Habitual, Harmonious, Homogeneous, Immutable, In hand, Invariable, Level, Logical, Measured, Mechanical, Methodic, Methodical, Monolithic, Normal, Of a piece, Ordered, Orderly, Organized, Persistent, Planned, Regular, Regular as clockwork, Robotlike, Routine, Smooth, Stable, Standard, Standardized, Steadfast, Steady, Symmetrical, Systematized, Unbroken, Unchangeable, Unchanged, Unchanging, Undeviating, Undifferentiated, Undiversified, Uniform, Unruffled, Unvaried, Unvarying, Usual, Well-ordered, Well-regulated, Structured, Methodical, Organized, Orderly, Well ordered, Planned, Systematized, Regular, Routine, Standardized, Standard, Formal, Logical, Coherent, Consistent, Efficient, Businesslike, Practical, Careful, Fastidious, Meticulous

How to use Systematic in a sentence?

  1. The company implemented a systematic cleaning program so that all areas would be cleaned on a routine basis with the most efficiency.
  2. I had to ensure that all employees were following the very systematic process we used to determine wether a product was quality or not so that we maintained our high level of expectation.
  3. A systematic search of the whole city.
  4. When you are making an important decision it is very wise to take a systematic approach and think everything through.

Meaning of Systematic & Systematic Definition