System testing

System testing,

Definition of System testing:

  1. The process of performing a variety of tests on a system to explore functionality or to identify problems. System testing is usually required before and after a system is put in place. A series of systematic procedures are referred to while testing is being performed. These procedures tell the tester how the system should perform and where common mistakes may be found. Testers usually try to break the system by entering data that may cause the system to malfunction or return incorrect information. For example, a tester may put in a city in a search engine designed to only accept states, to see how the system will respond to the incorrect input.

How to use System testing in a sentence?

  1. We had to undergo a lot of system testing before we finished for the day and we did it flawlessly and it was easy.
  2. You should try to have good system testing in place so that you know that everything in your office is running well.
  3. The system testing was due to begin during the following week as the Information Technology department insisted on initiating this.

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