Definition of Synthesis:

  1. The process by which substances are combined to form a completely new or natural substance. In industrial synthesis, hydrocarbon molecules are mixed with various types of plastics and other new compounds in various combinations. In natural synthesis, carbon dioxide and water combine with solar energy to produce glucose in plants (a process called photosynthesis).

  2. A systemic combination of several elements in an integrated whole.

  3. The stage of the dialectical process in which the validated concept (essay) competes to reach the final concept (synthesis) which includes all the acceptable concepts of the thesis and brings animosity. harmony . In the same way, new knowledge emerges from old knowledge.

  4. Making chemical compounds through the process of easy material reactions.

  5. A combination of ideas in a theory or system.

  6. The last stage of the process of dialectical thought (in Hegelian philosophy), in which a new idea resolves the conflict between the thesis and the antithesis.

Synonyms of Synthesis

Tie-up, Philosophical induction, Construction, Conglomeration, A posteriori reasoning, Putting together, Conspiracy, Composition, Addition, Combination, Piecing together, Enosis, Analysis, Wedding, Marriage, Anschluss, Fabrication, Inference, Induction, Composite, Baconian method, Make, Meld, Conjunction, Deductive reasoning, Centralization, Particularization, Assembly, Concoction, Building, Syncretism, Blend, Constitution, Federation, Amalgam, Combine, Deduction, Alloy, Combo, Conjugation, Syndication, Compound, A priori reasoning, Merging, Syllogism, Confederation, Combination, Integration, Syneresis, A fortiori reasoning, Hookup, Amalgamation, Inclusion, Melding, Setup, Epagoge, Fusion, Merger, Congeries, Assemblage, Integrating, Structuring, Ecumenism, Consolidation, Aggregation, Mixture, Composite, Agreement, Fusion, Junction, Package, Blend, Unification, Getup, Solidification, Embodiment, Alliance, Affiliation, Shaping, Fusing, Identification, Union, Organization, Confederacy, Association, Union, Package deal, Generalization, Assimilation, Fashioning, Incorporation, Mixture, Cabal, Blending, Cartel, Mixing, Compound, Makeup, Agglomeration, Combining, Coalescence, Merge, Coalescence, Unifying, Syllogistic reasoning, Structure, Encompassment, Buildup, Conglomerate, Coalition, Federalization, League, Hypothesis and verification, Junta, Inductive reasoning, Formation

How to use Synthesis in a sentence?

  1. The combination of intelligence and emotion in his work.
  2. Synthesizing CEO information from other companies provides appropriate steps for board members.
  3. It should also be noted that the dialectical process has not only changed from thesis and antithesis to the final synthesis, but it is an open and lasting spiral of progress.
  4. Scientists try to use synthesis to create new substances by combining different elements from one experiment to another.
  5. Synthesis of Methanol from Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen.
  6. He tried to synthesize using all the information, but found nothing that seemed to be related to seemingly random facts.

Meaning of Synthesis & Synthesis Definition