Definition of Synopsis:

  1. Brief condensation, outline, or summary of the main points of an articles, book, or plan. Unlike an abstract, a synopsis maintains the point by point sequence of the salient ideas.

  2. A brief summary or general survey of something.

Synonyms of Synopsis

Summary, Precis, Résumé, Abstract, Outline, Condensation, Digest, Summarization, Summing-up, Rundown, Round-up, Abridgement, Review, Sketch, Compendium, Abbreviation, Abbreviature, Abrege, Abridgement, Abridgment, Abstract, Apercu, Apocope, Breviary, Brief, Capsule, Compend, Compendium, Compression, Condensation, Condensed version, Conspectus, Curtailment, Digest, Draft, Elision, Ellipsis, Epitome, Epitomization, Foreshortening, Head, Outline, Overview, Pandect, Precis, Recap, Recapitulation, Reduction, Resume, Retrenchment, Review, Rubric, Shortened version, Shortening, Skeleton, Sketch, Summary, Summation, Survey, Syllabus, Syncope, Telescoping, Thumbnail sketch, Topical outline, Truncation

How to use Synopsis in a sentence?

  1. Because it was such a long and complicated movie I will give you a synopsis here: A boy played match maker for his father with a woman who lived on the other side of the country.
  2. If you do not have time to read the entire article today, I might suggest that you at least take a look at the synopsis , which summarizes it nicely in a short format.
  3. The synopsis of the Thomas Piketty book made it sound so dull and boring that Robert did not buy it.
  4. A synopsis of the accident.

Meaning of Synopsis & Synopsis Definition