Definition of Synopsis:

  1. A brief summary, general explanation or summary of the main points of an article, book or project. In contrast, abstractions maintain a point-to-point sequence of unusual ideas.

  2. A brief summary or general description of something.

Synonyms of Synopsis

Abridgement, Survey, Conspectus, Retrenchment, Compendium, Truncation, Sketch, Review, Sketch, Review, Draft, Summary, Résumé, Shortened version, Brief, Curtailment, Apocope, Epitome, Resume, Shortening, Syllabus, Recap, Elision, Abstract, Apercu, Telescoping, Precis, Abbreviation, Ellipsis, Round-up, Foreshortening, Head, Abrege, Compendium, Digest, Digest, Outline, Condensation, Epitomization, Rubric, Syncope, Summary, Pandect, Capsule, Recapitulation, Abridgement, Rundown, Condensed version, Topical outline, Summation, Skeleton, Abstract, Abbreviature, Overview, Summarization, Condensation, Precis, Compend, Summing-up, Abridgment, Breviary, Outline, Thumbnail sketch, Reduction, Compression

How to use Synopsis in a sentence?

  1. Since this is a long and complex film, I will summarize it here: A boy plays his father's matchmaker with a woman who lives on the other side of the country.
  2. If you do not have time to read today's entire article, you should at least read the executive summary, which summarizes it in a concise form.
  3. The summary of Thomas Packetti's book made him so blown away that Robert couldn't believe it.
  4. Accident Summary

Meaning of Synopsis & Synopsis Definition