Definition of Syndication:

  1. Supply of content (articles, cartoons, stories, etc.) or information (business and economic data, news stories, etc.) on a subscription basis to marketers or media (periodicals, radio and television, websites).

  2. The transfer of something for control or management by a group of individuals or organizations.

  3. Method of selling property whereby the promoter (the syndicator) sells interests or shares in the property to investors in the form of a partnership, limited partnership, or tenancy in common, to raise funds to cover the selling price.

Synonyms of Syndication

Anschluss, Addition, Affiliation, Agglomeration, Aggregation, Agreement, Alliance, Amalgamation, Assimilation, Association, Blend, Blending, Cabal, Cartel, Centralization, Coalescence, Coalition, Combination, Combine, Combo, Composition, Confederacy, Confederation, Congeries, Conglomeration, Conjugation, Conjunction, Consolidation, Conspiracy, Ecumenism, Embodiment, Encompassment, Enosis, Federalization, Federation, Fusion, Hookup, Inclusion, Incorporation, Integration, Junction, Junta, League, Marriage, Meld, Melding, Merger, Package, Package deal, Solidification, Syncretism, Syneresis, Synthesis, Tie-up, Unification, Union, Wedding

How to use Syndication in a sentence?

  1. The syndication of loans to investors.
  2. Even though magazines are becoming out of date if you can get some customers to a syndication that can be great passive income.
  3. Television networks choose television shows for syndication based off of how many viewers they predict that show will have and what advertisers want to advertise during that show.
  4. Some online sites charge for subscribers that are put on syndication that makes for great passive income for the sites.

Meaning of Syndication & Syndication Definition