Definition of Syndicate:

  1. A syndicate is a temporary alliance of businesses that joins together to manage a large transaction, which would be difficult, or impossible, to effect individually. Syndication makes it easy for companies to pool their resources and share risks, as when a group of investment banks works together to bring a new issue of securities to the market. There are different types of syndicates, such as underwriting syndicates, banking syndicates, and insurance syndicates.

  2. Temporary association of two or more individuals or firms to carryout a specific business venture or project such as large scale real estate development. Syndicates are commonly treated as corporations or partnerships for tax purposes.

  3. Syndicates are usually comprised of companies in the same industry. For example, two pharmaceutical companies may combine their research and development (R&D) teams by creating a syndicate to develop a new drug. Or, several real estate companies may form a syndicate to manage a large development. Sometimes banks will form a syndicate to loan a very large amount of money to a single party. Companies also may form a syndicate to manage a specific business venture if the opportunity promises an attractive rate of return (RoR).

  4. A group of individuals or organizations combined to promote some common interest.

  5. Group of brokers or insurance underwriters who together accept the risk of buying and distributing a new stock issue or an insurance risk.

  6. Control or manage by a syndicate.

Synonyms of Syndicate

Affiliate, Align, Connect, Join, Join up, Join forces, Attach, Combine, Team up, Band together, Be in league, Ally, Form an alliance, Syndicate, Federate, Consolidate, Incorporate, Conjoin, Merge, Integrate, Business, Place of business, Premises, Firm, Company, Concern, Enterprise, Venture, Organization, Operation, Undertaking, Industry, Aktiengesellschaft, Black Hand, British Cabinet, Cosa Nostra, Mafia, Sanhedrin, US Cabinet, Add, Advisory body, Affiliate, Aktiebolag, Ally, Amalgamate, Assembly, Assimilate, Associate, Association, Bench, Black market, Blend, Bloc, Board, Body corporate, Body of advisers, Bootlegging, Borough council, Brain trust, Business, Business establishment, Cabinet, Camarilla, Cartel, Chain, Chamber, Chamber of commerce, City council, Coalesce, Combine, Come together, Commercial enterprise, Common council, Compagnie, Company, Compound, Comprise, Concern, Confederate, Conference, Conglomerate, Conglomerate corporation, Congress, Connect, Consolidate, Consolidating company, Consortium, Consultative assembly, Copartnership, Corporate body, Corporation, Council, Council fire, Council of ministers, Council of state, Council of war, County council, Court, Deliberative assembly, Diet, Directory, Distribute, Divan, Diversified corporation, Embody, Encompass, Enterprise, Firm, Flux, Fuse, Gambling, Gangdom, Gangland, Gray market, Group, Holding company, House, Illegal commerce, Illegal operations, Illegitimate business, Illicit business, Include, Incorporate, Industry, Integrate, Interblend, Interfuse, Join, Joint-stock association, Joint-stock company, Junta, Kitchen cabinet, League, Legislature, Loan-sharking, Lump together, Mafia, Make one, Meld, Melt into one, Merge, Mix, Monopoly, Moonshining, Narcotics traffic, Operating company, Organization, Organized crime, Parish council, Partnership, Plunderbund, Pool, Privy council, Prostitution, Protection racket, Public utility, Put together, Racket, Reembody, Roll into one, Serialize, Shade into, Shady dealings, Solidify, Soviet, Staff, Stock company, Syncretize, Syndication, Synod, Synthesize, The Mafia, The mob, The rackets, The syndicate, The underworld, Trade association, Traffic in women, Tribunal, Trust, Unify, Union, Unite, Usury, Utility, White slavery

How to use Syndicate in a sentence?

  1. In general, businesses in the same industry join to form syndicates.
  2. The loans are syndicated to a group of banks.
  3. Sometimes criminals team up to form a syndicate so that they can pull of bigger and more lucrative crimes together.
  4. Large-scale buyouts involving a syndicate of financial institutions.
  5. By forming a syndicate, members can pool their resources together, and share in both the risks and the potential for attractive returns.
  6. When the city was unable to revitalize the blighted area on its own, several private investors stepped in and formed a syndicate to provide new housing and clean up the area.
  7. This is a large project so there will be a syndicate between the billing and human resources department to ensure it is completed on time.
  8. A syndicate is a temporary alliance formed by professionals to handle a large transaction that would be impossible to execute individually.

Meaning of Syndicate & Syndicate Definition