Syndicate Capacity

Syndicate Capacity,

Syndicate Capacity Meanings:

  1. You can define Syndicate Capacity as, Also known as a seal. A Lloyds Union can write a maximum of deals in a year, which are collected by all its members.

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Meanings of Syndicate:
  1. A group of people or organizations come together to promote a common interest.

  2. Administered or administered by the Union.

Sentences of Syndicate
  1. Major acquisitions in a consortium of financial institutions

  2. The loan is sent to a group of banks

Synonyms of Syndicate

ally, concern, join, team up, company, affiliate, undertaking, premises, band together, incorporate, industry, join forces, firm, operation, connect, integrate, form an alliance, syndicate, attach, organization, place of business, enterprise, be in league, combine, conjoin, venture, federate


Meanings of Capacity:
  1. The maximum amount that something can contain.

  2. The amount from which something can be produced.

  3. Some roles or positions.

Sentences of Capacity
  1. Freezing capacity 1.1 cubic feet

  2. The company wants to double its power generation capacity

  3. I was hired voluntarily

Synonyms of Capacity

job, office, output, appointment, yield, efficiency, volume, work rate, production, cubic measure, position, productiveness, capacity, productive capacity, post