Definition of Synchronous:

  1. Existing or occurring at the same time.

  2. (of a satellite or its orbit) making or denoting an orbit around the earth or another celestial body in which one revolution is completed in the period taken for the body to rotate about its axis.

  3. Sequential events occurring together, or at fixed intervals, timed by a clock. Latin for with time. See also synchronization.

Synonyms of Synchronous

Accompanying, Accordant, According, Affirmative, Agreeable, Agreeing, Answerable, Associate, Associated, Assonant, Assonantal, At one, At one with, Attuned, Blended, Blending, Chiming, Coacting, Coactive, Coadunate, Coetaneous, Coeval, Coexistent, Coexisting, Coherent, Coincident, Coinciding, Collaborative, Collective, Collusive, Combined, Combining, Commensurate, Compatible, Concerted, Concomitant, Concordant, Concurrent, Concurring, Conformable, Congenial, Congruent, Congruous, Conjoint, Consentaneous, Consentient, Consilient, Consistent, Consonant, Conspiratorial, Contemporaneous, Cooperant, Cooperating, Cooperative, Coordinate, Correspondent, Corresponding, Coworking, En rapport, Equivalent, Harmonic, Harmonious, Harmonizing, Homophonic, In accord, In agreement, In chorus, In concert, In concord, In phase, In rapport, In step, In sync, In synchronization, In tempo, In time, In tune, In unison, Inaccordance, Inharmony, Joint, Like-minded, Meeting, Monodic, Monophonic, Of a piece, Of like mind, Of one mind, On all fours, On the beat, Parasitic, Positive, Proportionate, Reconcilable, Saprophytic, Self-consistent, Simultaneous, Symbiotic, Symphonious, Synchronal, Synchronic, Synchronized, Synergetic, Synergic, Synergistic, Tuned, Unanimous, Uniform, Unisonant, Unisonous, United, Uniting, Concurrent, Happening at the same time, Done at the same time, Contemporaneous, Concomitant, Coinciding, Coincident, Synchronous, Synchronized, Synchronic

How to use Synchronous in a sentence?

  1. Glaciations were approximately synchronous in both hemispheres.
  2. They emerge early in the year and have short, synchronous emergence periods.

Meaning of Synchronous & Synchronous Definition