Definition of Symptom:

  1. Apparent or subjective manifestation of a condition or disease or a change therein. See also syndrome.

  2. A physical or mental feature which is regarded as indicating a condition of disease, particularly such a feature that is apparent to the patient.

Synonyms of Symptom

Manifestation, Indication, Indicator, Sign, Mark, Feature, Trait, Abnormality, Acute disease, Affection, Affliction, Ailment, Allergic disease, Allergy, Atrophy, Bacterial disease, Badge, Banner, Basis for belief, Birth defect, Blight, Body of evidence, Broad hint, Cardiovascular disease, Chain of evidence, Character, Characteristic, Chronic disease, Circulatory disease, Clue, Complaint, Complication, Condition, Congenital defect, Cue, Danger sign, Data, Datum, Defect, Deficiency disease, Deformity, Degenerative disease, Device, Differentia, Disability, Disease, Disorder, Distemper, Documentation, Early symptom, Earmark, Endemic, Endemic disease, Endocrine disease, Epidemic disease, Evidence, Exhibit, Fact, Facts, Falling barometer, Feature, Functional disease, ■■■■■■ disease, Gastrointestinal disease, Gathering clouds, Genetic disease, Gentle hint, Gesture, Glimmer, Glimmering, Grounds, Grounds for belief, Hallmark, Handicap, Hereditary disease, High sign, Hint, Iatrogenic disease, Idiosyncrasy, Illness, Image, Implication, Index, Indicant, Indication, Indicator, Indisposition, Infectious disease, Infirmity, Inkling, Innuendo, Insignia, Insinuation, Intimation, Item of evidence, Keynote, Kick, Look, Malady, Malaise, Manifestation, Mark, Marker, Material grounds, Measure, Morbidity, Morbus, Muniments, Muscular disease, Mute witness, Neurological disease, Nod, Note, Nudge, Nutritional disease, Occupational disease, Omen, Organic disease, Pandemic disease, Pathological condition, Pathology, Peculiarity, Picture, Piece of evidence, Plant disease, Precursor, Preliminary sign, Premises, Premonitory sign, Premonitory symptom, Prodroma, Prodrome, Prognosis, Prognostic, Prognostication, Prompt, Proof, Property, Protozoan disease, Psychosomatic disease, Quarantine flag, Reason to believe, Red flag, Red light, Relevant fact, Representation, Representative, Respiratory disease, Rockiness, Scent, Seal, Secondary disease, Seediness, Sickishness, Sickness, Sigil, Sign, Signal, Signature, Significant, Signs, Skull and crossbones, Spoor, Stamp, Storm petrel, Stormy petrel, Suggestion, Sure sign, Suspicion, Symptomatology, Symptomology, Symptoms, Syndrome, Telltale, Telltale sign, The pip, Thundercloud, Thunderhead, Token, Track, Trait, Urogenital disease, Virus disease, Warning sign, Warning signal, Wasting disease, Whisper, Wink, Worm disease, Yellow flag, Yellow jack

How to use Symptom in a sentence?

  1. Dental problems may be a symptom of other illness.

Meaning of Symptom & Symptom Definition

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