Definition of Symposium:

  1. A conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.

  2. Panel discussion by experts on a specific topic with audience participation that is less that in a forum.

Synonyms of Symposium

Meeting, Sitting, Assembly, Conclave, Plenary, Festschrift, Airing, Album, Ana, Analects, Analysis, Anthology, Assemblee, Assembly, Assignation, At home, Bacchanal, Bacchanalia, Bacchanalian, Ball, Bat, Beauties, Bender, Binge, Bout, Brawl, Bust, Buzz session, Canon, Canvassing, Carousal, Carouse, Caucus, Celebration, Chrestomathy, Collectanea, Collected works, Collection, Colloquium, Commission, Committee, Compilation, Complete works, Compotation, Conclave, Concourse, Conference, Congregation, Congress, Consideration, Conventicle, Convention, Convocation, Council, Dance, Date, Debate, Debating, Debauch, Delectus, Deliberation, Dialectic, Dialogue, Diet, Discussion, Drinking, Drinking bout, Drunk, Drunken carousal, Drunkenness, Eisteddfod, Examination, Exchange of views, Festivity, Fete, Florilegium, Flowers, Forgathering, Forum, Garden, Garland, Gathering, Get-together, Gulping, Guzzle, Guzzling, Housewarming, Imbibing, Imbibition, Investigation, Jag, Joint discussion, Lapping, Levee, Logical analysis, Logical discussion, Meet, Meeting, Miscellanea, Miscellany, Nipping, Omnibus, Open discussion, Open forum, Orgy, Panel, Panel discussion, Party, Photograph album, Plenum, Potation, Prom, Pub-crawl, Pulling, Quaffing, Quorum, Quotation book, Rally, Rap, Rap session, Reception, Rendezvous, Review, Scrapbook, Seance, Seminar, Session, Shindig, Sit-in, Sitting, Slipping, Soiree, Spree, Study, Swigging, Swilling, Synod, Tasting, Tear, Toot, Town meeting, Treatment, Turnout, Ventilation, Wassail

How to use Symposium in a sentence?

  1. The different members of academic world were gathered at the symposium to talk and take questions from the audience about public funding of academic institutes.
  2. Ken thought hed most likely be bored at the symposium -- until he saw the impressive panel of experts involved and started to feel differently.
  3. There is a long history behind the ICS; most of the early international geological congresses had symposia and meetings to debate and decide stratigraphical procedures and nomenclature.
  4. The symposium presented by the National Association of Realtors focused primarily on the negative consequences of creative financing practiced by banks and lending institutions.

Meaning of Symposium & Symposium Definition