Definition of Sycophant:

  1. Someone who tries to get what they want, or earn someones respect, by using flattery on those people who would be able to influence their goals. The term sycophant has a negative connotation, because the person does not attempt to achieve their goals through hard work or sincerity.

  2. A person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.

Synonyms of Sycophant

Adherent, Adulator, Apple-polisher, Ass-licker, Backscratcher, Backslapper, Blarneyer, Bootlick, Bootlicker, Bootlicking, Brown-nose, Brownie, Cajoler, Clawback, Courtier, Cowering, Creature, Cringer, Cringing, Disciple, Dummy, Dupe, Fawner, Figurehead, Flatterer, Flunky, Follower, Footlicker, Gillie, Goon, Gopher, Groveler, Groveling, Handshaker, Hanger-on, Helot, Henchman, Instrument, Jackal, Kowtower, Kowtowing, Lackey, Led captain, Lickspit, Lickspittle, Man, Mealymouth, Minion, Myrmidon, Parasitic, Peon, Puppet, Reptile, Satellite, Self-seeker, Serf, Slave, Snob, Spaniel, Stooge, Suck, Thug, Timeserver, Toad, Toadeater, Toady, Toadying, Toadyish, Tool, Truckler, Truckling, Tufthunter, Votary, Wheedler, Yes-man, Toady, Creep, Crawler, Fawner, Flatterer, Flunkey, Truckler, Groveller, Doormat, Lickspittle, Kowtower, Obsequious person, Minion, Hanger-on, Leech, Puppet, Spaniel, Uriah Heep

How to use Sycophant in a sentence?

  1. The ego of the modern male has become so inflated that they have lost the ability to determine who is, or is not, a sycophant .
  2. The sycophant paid his manager compliment after compliment, hoping to gain access to an elite social society inner circle.
  3. Joe is such a sycophant with all his flattery while the boss is around and all his sitting around and doing nothing the rest of the time.
  4. An assortment of hatchet men, opportunists and sycophants gained access to the levers of power.

Meaning of Sycophant & Sycophant Definition