Sychophant means,

You can define Sychophant as, An obedient person or follower, not necessarily a high-ranking person, who tries to please a (more) powerful or influential person through flattery and often tells others where the word comes from. Greek meaning (Greek term for informant).


Sychophant: What is the Meaning of Sychophant?

  1. The definition of Sychophant is: Submissive people or thugs who do not need a low status try to please powerful or influential people and often tell others that the word comes from the oral Greek meaning.


How To Define Sychophant?

  • Obedient people or thugs who are not necessarily inferior people try to please (more) powerful or influential people using flattery and often tell others what the word means in its spoken Greek meaning. (Ancient Greek for Psychophentas informant).