Sworn Complaint Affidavit

Sworn Complaint Affidavit,

Sworn Complaint Affidavit:

Declaration letter in front of witnesses to the clerk.

Literal Meanings of Sworn Complaint Affidavit


Meanings of Sworn:
  1. Curse on the partner

  2. (Certificate or proof) presented under oath.

  3. Intends to live in a particular job or situation.

  4. Make a solemn declaration or promise to do something or confirm that it is.

  5. Use offensive language, especially to express anger.

Sentences of Sworn
  1. Giving an affidavit

  2. They are rivals

  3. Maria swore to me that I would never tell anyone.

  4. Peter cursed under his breath.

Synonyms of Sworn

obscenity, curses, state, stress, effing and blinding, proclaim, avow, insults, take an oath, imprecation, asseverate, take the Lord's name in vain, pledge oneself, maintain, promise under oath, strong language, give one's word, vow, profanities, solemnly promise, four-letter words, swear an oath, be foul-mouthed, declare, guarantee, swear like a trooper, appeal to, expletives, utter profanities, assert


Meanings of Complaint:
  1. A statement that something unsatisfactory or unacceptable.

  2. Illness or medical condition, especially relatively minor.

Sentences of Complaint
  1. I intend to complain regularly.

  2. Her skin problem is being treated.

Synonyms of Complaint

whinge, statement of dissatisfaction, remonstrance, grouch, disorder, grumble, bug, upset, trouble, charge, cavil, grouse, yike, affliction, infirmity, objection, problem, illness, criticism, moan, beef


Meanings of Affidavit:
  1. The statement or affidavit should be used as evidence in court.

Sentences of Affidavit
  1. A former employee has made a written statement about his false termination claim.