Sword Of Damocles

Sword Of Damocles,

Sword Of Damocles:

  • A metaphor based on a Greek legend that has a constant fear in the lives of those who carry great responsibilities. Democritus was a lucky one of King Dionysus. After constantly praising Dionysus' great fortune, Democles had the opportunity to change his character through Dionysus. When Democus became king, a sword appeared over his head and hung in the horse's hair. Democrats' fear of a falling sword proved very strong. He asked Dianeis to allow him to continue his role in the court.

Literal Meanings of Sword Of Damocles


Meanings of Sword:
  1. Long metal arms with handles are used for hitting or punching and are now commonly used as part of clothing.

Sentences of Sword
  1. He grabbed the head of his sword and struck it against the rock and tied it between the doorposts.

Synonyms of Sword

blade, steel


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by, carried out by, done by, from, in, caused by, made by, of


Meanings of Damocles:
  1. A legendary courtier who praised the fate of Dionysus I, ruler of Seraiki. To make her happy, Devins took her to a party with a sword hanging from a lock of hair over her head.