Definition of SWIFT:

  1. Like a fast-moving insect with long, slender wings and a swallow-like surface, it spends most of its life on wings.

  2. The bobbin is lightweight and can be adjusted to a piece of silk or wool.

  3. It happened faster or faster.

  4. World Bank Interbank Financial Telecommunication Society. An international communications network that allows 24-hour secure exchange of 24-hour international payment orders between banks, central banks, multinational companies and large investment companies. The Cooperative Apartment Me sis Members, which was held in the Belgium region in 1977, consists of more than 6,500 participants from more than 180 countries, who, as a group, send more than one million square que annual messages (approximately 300 daily). 300 million messages) are traitors). See also CHIP.

  5. fast.

  6. Insects, usually narrow, with flight speed. The eggs spread during flight and the larvae live underground and feed on the roots, where they can take the form of serious insects.

Synonyms of SWIFT

Cursory, Festinate, Rapid, Meteoric, Speedily, Fast, Quickly, Hurried, Fleet, Precipitous, Reckless, Passing, Precipitate, Rapidly, Dispatchful, Expeditious, Punctual, Startling, Spanking, Nerve-shattering, Lively, Promptly, Sudden, Urgent, Cometary, Unexpected, Winged, Instant, Hair-trigger, Supersonic, Flying, Sudden, Snappy, Flashing, Decisive, Abrupt, Slapdash, Short and sweet, Smart, Raking, Unpredicted, Prompt, Short-term, Eagle-winged, Instantaneous, Light of heel, Furious, Breakneck, Unlooked-for, Light-footed, Superficial, Unforeseen, Instantaneous, Ready, Without delay, Flat-out, Galloping, Rapid, Hustling, Impulsive, Last-minute, Unanticipated, Feverish, Short-termed, Nimble, Immediate, Mercurial, Sharp, On the spot, Impetuous, Quick as thought, Apt, Summary, Dashing, Swiftly, Headlong, Brisk, Instant, Quick as lightning, Agile, Double-quick, Short, Prompt, Snap, Speedy, Quick, Ready, Flickering, Immediate, Spry, Slap-bang, Running, Electrifying, Brief, Express, Alert, Alacritous, Punctual, Precipitant, Surprising, Full tilt, Nimble-footed, Shocking, Hasty

How to use SWIFT in a sentence?

  1. Fast and clear process.
  2. The white-necked raptor is a large, slender raptor with long wings and a narrow tail, usually enclosed in one place.
  3. Very quick recovery.
  4. The bank has a Swift number that facilitates transfer from one country to another.
  5. Donald tries to transfer money to the provider's Bank of America account, but is unable to complete the form because he forgot the bank's SWIFT code.

Meaning of SWIFT & SWIFT Definition