Sweatpants In Spanish

Sweatpants In Spanish

Did you say sweet shirt in English? 3

In Mexico they are called pants and in English.

Others may call it sportswear, but it is not.

There is a literal translation of Sweet Paints, but no one wears them.

A little tip from Littlekno: If you're sweating like a pig, you're not sweating at all. Pigs do not sweat (they do not have sweat glands), so they prefer to dip in the mud to cool down. As far as translation is concerned, AS and desparat are the best.

In Spain they are called chandeliers, or chandelier hoses, because chandelier is actually a pair of pants and a braid, but it is only used for pants.

It comes from the French merchants (greel sellers) because of what kind of sweaters they wear.

Sweatpants In Spanish