Definition of Swap:

  1. Exchange of one type of asset, cash flow, investment, liability, or payment for another. Common types of swap include: (1) Currency swap: simultaneous buying and selling of a currency to convert debt principal from the lenders currency to the debtors currency. (2) Debt swap: exchange of a loan (usually to a third world country) between banks. (3) Debt to equity swap: exchange of a foreign debt (usually to a Third World country) for a stake in the debtor countrys national enterprises (such as power or water utilities). (4) Debt to debt swap: exchange of an existing liability into a new loan, usually with an extended payback period. (5) Interest rate swap: exchange of periodic interest payments between two parties (called counter parties) as means of exchanging future cash flows.

Synonyms of Swap

Alternate, Backscratching, Bandy, Bang, Bargain, Barter, Bash, Be quits with, Belt, Biff, Blind bargain, Bump, Burst, Bust, Buy and sell, Change, Clap, Clash, Commute, Compensate, Cooperate, Counterchange, Crack, Crash, Crump, Deal, Dicker, Do business, Even trade, Exchange, Flap, Flop, Get back at, Get even with, Give and take, Give in exchange, Hard bargain, Horse trade, Horse-trade, Interchange, Knock, Logroll, Logrolling, Pay back, Permute, Pork barrel, Pound, Rap, Reciprocate, Report, Requite, Respond, Retaliate, Return, Return the compliment, Slam, Slap, Slat, Smack, Sock, Splat, Substitute, Swap horses, Swapping, Switch, Take in exchange, Tap, Thwack, Trade, Trade in, Trade off, Trade sight unseen, Trade-in, Trading, Traffic, Transpose, Truck, Whack, Wham, Whap, Whomp, Whop

How to use Swap in a sentence?

  1. You can go to a swap meet if you have lots of a product you want to get rid of and see what offers you may get.
  2. The board of directors agreed to a fair exchange of assets, but most of them had doubts that the imminent currency swap would go smoothly and were prepared for the worst .
  3. I wanted to swap my lawnmower for an even better one that would make my lawn look amazing and perfect.

Meaning of Swap & Swap Definition