• Sustain can be defined as, The court's decision confirms the objection or application.

Meanings of Sustain

  1. Strengthens or stabilizes physically or mentally.

  2. Injury or distress (annoying thing, especially an injury)

  3. Prolonged or without interference.

  4. Confirm, affirm or justify justice.

  5. An effect or function of a keyboard or electronic device that allows notes to be retained after a key has been issued.

Sentences of Sustain

  1. This thinking has helped him over the years

  2. He died after a severe head injury

  3. Unable to communicate normally

  4. Confirmation of allegations of discrimination

  5. Her voice is very loud, but it is very impressive.

Synonyms of Sustain

comfort, help, assist, encourage, succour, support, give strength to, be a source of strength to, be a tower of strength to, buoy up, carry, cheer up, hearten, see someone through, undergo, experience, go through, suffer, endure, continuous, ongoing, steady, continual, continuing, constant, running

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Sustain Meanings:

  1. Court decision confirming the objection or application.

Meanings of Sustain

  1. Strengthen or support physically or mentally.

  2. Injury or discomfort (something uncomfortable, especially an injury).

  3. Continue for a long time or without interruption.

  4. Endorses, affirms or claims reasonableness or validation.

  5. Effect or configuration on a keyboard or electronic device that allows the keys to be maintained after release.

Sentences of Sustain

  1. That thought kept him going for years.

  2. Can't communicate normally

  3. Confirmation of Complaints of Discrimination

Synonyms of Sustain

continue, unabating, perpetuate, carry on, perpetual, prop up, non-stop, corroborate, conserve, evidence, attest to, prolong, extend, unremitting, ratify, back up, unrelenting, prove, unrelieved, keep in existence, round the clock, unceasing, never-ending, confirm, retain