Survivorship Benefits

Survivorship Benefits,

What Does Survivorship Benefits Mean?

  • (1) As part of the pension program, each benefit is paid to a retired survivor based on the formula set out in the plan. ()) In the context of social security, the benefits that a person can receive after the death of a spouse based on the principles of social security. ()) Life insurance benefits involving two or more persons and the rest to be paid to the insured. It is also known as survival benefit.

Literal Meanings of Survivorship Benefits


Meanings of Survivorship:
  1. The status or condition of the survivor.

Sentences of Survivorship
  1. Survival clause


Meanings of Benefits:
  1. Government payments or insurance plans for eligible individuals.

  2. Get performance benefits.

Sentences of Benefits
  1. The social season is in full swing with dance for early and charitable performances

Synonyms of Benefits

gain, interest, pension, well-being, make money, comfort, enjoyment, convenience, unemployment benefit, satisfaction, benefit payments, government benefit, sick pay, reap financial reward, welfare, insurance money, social security, good, state benefit, sake