What Does Surveyor Mean?

  1. This person has the power to investigate the claim to determine the extent of the damage

  2. Determines the status of insured marine property or the amount of damage or loss in maritime practice.

Meanings of Surveyor

  1. Someone who goes out, especially one who works as a surveyor.

  2. A series of American unmanned spacecraft were sent to the moon between 1966 and 1968, five of them landing softly.

Sentences of Surveyor

  1. Licensed assessors inspect structural damage properties such as subsidized, wet and dry rot, and roof spraying properties (especially for older individuals).

Synonyms of Surveyor

land surveyor , mapmaker , measurer , journeyer, tourist, tourer, cartographer , jet-setter, globetrotter, excursionist, assessor , visitor, passenger, sightseer, topographer , voyager