Definition of Surveillance:

  1. Ongoing close observation and collection of data or evidence, for a specified purpose or confined to a narrow sector. In comparison, environmental scanning is broad and includes all associated external factors.

  2. Close observation, especially of a suspected spy or criminal.

Synonyms of Surveillance

Accountability, Ambuscade, Ambush, Ambushment, Auspices, Blind, Booby trap, Bossing, Bugging, Care, Charge, Cloak-and-dagger work, Counterespionage, Counterintelligence, Custodianship, Custody, Eagle eye, Electronic surveillance, Espial, Espionage, Eye, Following, Guard, Guardedness, Guardianship, Intelligence, Intelligence work, Intendance, Invigilation, Jurisdiction, Lookout, Lurking hole, Military intelligence, Monitoring, Observance, Observation, Oversight, Peeled eye, Proctoring, Prudence, Qui vive, Reconnaissance, Responsibility, Scrutiny, Secret police, Secret service, Shadowing, Sharp eye, Spying, Stakeout, Stalking-horse, Stewardship, Superintendence, Supervision, Tab, Tailing, Tout, Trailing, Trap, Vigil, Vigilance, Wariness, Watch, Watch and ward, Watchful eye, Watchfulness, Watching, Weather eye, Wiretap, Wiretapping, Observation, Scrutiny, Watch, View, Inspection, Monitoring, Supervision, Superintendence

How to use Surveillance in a sentence?

  1. He found himself put under surveillance by military intelligence.

Meaning of Surveillance & Surveillance Definition