Definition of Surrender:

  1. The action of surrendering.

  2. Voluntary giving up of a legal claim, interest, or right.

  3. Cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.

Synonyms of Surrender

Capitulate, Give in, Give up, Give oneself up, Yield, Concede, Submit, Climb down, Give way, Defer, Acquiesce, Back down, Cave in, Relent, Succumb, Quit, Crumble, Abalienate, Abalienation, Abandon, Abandonment, Abatement of differences, Abdicate, Abdication, Abjuration, Abjure, Abjurement, Accommodate, Accommodation, Accordance, Acknowledge defeat, Acquiesce, Adjust, Adjustment, Alien, Alienate, Alienation, Amortization, Amortize, Amortizement, Appeasement, Arrangement, Assign, Assignation, Assignment, Award, Awarding, Bargain, Bargain and sale, Barter, Beg a truce, Bequeath, Bequeathal, Bestowal, Bestowment, Capitulate, Capitulation, Cease, Cede, Ceding, Cession, Circulate, Come across with, Come to terms, Commit, Communication, Comply, Compose, Composition, Compound, Compromise, Concede, Concession, Confer, Conferment, Conferral, Consign, Consignation, Consignment, Contribution, Convey, Conveyance, Conveyancing, Cop out, Cop-out, Crumble, Cry pax, Cry quits, Deal, Deed, Deed over, Deeding, Deliver, Deliver over, Deliverance, Delivery, Demise, Desertion of principle, Desist from, Devolve upon, Disgorge, Dispensation, Dispense with, Disposal, Dispose of, Disposition, Distribute, Do without, Donation, Drop, Dropping out, Duck responsibility, Dump, Dumping, Endowment, Enfeoff, Enfeoffment, Entrust, Evade responsibility, Evasion of responsibility, Exchange, Forgo, Forgoing, Fork over, Forsake, Forswear, Forswearing, Forward, Furnishment, Get along without, Get rid of, Getting rid of, Gifting, Give, Give and take, Give away, Give in, Give out, Give over, Give title to, Give up, Give way, Give-and-take, Giving, Giving in, Giving over, Giving up, Giving way, Go down, Go fifty-fifty, Go under, Grant, Granting, Hand, Hand down, Hand in, Hand on, Hand out, Hand over, Handing over, Have done with, Impartation, Impartment, Implore mercy, Investiture, Kiss good-bye, Lay down, Lease and release, Leave, Leave off, Letting go, Liberality, Make a deal, Make a sacrifice, Make an adjustment, Make concessions, Make over, Meet halfway, Mutual concession, Negotiate, Offer, Part with, Pass, Pass on, Pass out, Pass over, Play politics, Pray for quarter, Presentation, Presentment, Provision, Quit, Quitclaim, Reach, Reach a compromise, Recant, Recantation, Recedence, Recession, Release, Relinquish, Relinquishment, Render, Render up, Renounce, Renouncement, Renunciation, Resign, Resignation, Retract, Retraction, Retreat, Riddance, Sacrifice, Sale, Say uncle, Sell, Settle, Settle on, Settlement, Settling, Sign away, Sign over, Spare, Split the difference, Strike a balance, Strike a bargain, Submission, Submit, Subscription, Succumb, Supplying, Swear off, Swearing off, Take the mean, Throw up, Trade, Trading, Transfer, Transference, Transferral, Transmission, Transmit, Transmittal, Turn in, Turn over, Turn up, Turning over, Understanding, Vacate, Vesting, Vouchsafement, Waive, Waiver, White flag, Withdrawing, Yield, Yield the palm, Yielding, Capitulation, Submission, Yielding, Giving in, Succumbing, Acquiescence, Laying down of arms, Quitting

How to use Surrender in a sentence?

  1. A final series of surrenders followed as hungry Lakota bands capitulated at military posts along the upper Missouri and Yellowstone.
  2. Over 140 rebels surrendered to the authorities.

Meaning of Surrender & Surrender Definition